Sunday, December 28, 2008

As Luck Would Have It… Happy New Year!!

Well, here we are at the end of another year and people all around the world will be ringing in the New Year by making resolutions and doing all kinds of interesting, crazy and silly little things in hopes of bringing luck and prosperity to their year ahead.

Go figure this… It turns out that good-looking men, lentils, no housework, and kissing are all good luck! Hmmm... there just may be something to this tradition stuff after all!

Everyone’s heard that eating Black Eyed Peas will bring general good luck, but there are dozens of other quirky traditions that you may or may not have heard of that could add a little fun to your "End of Year" celebration. You might just find one or two new ones that appeal to your sense of adventure. Or, if you’ve never had a New Year tradition at all, why not try out a few... and as luck would have it... maybe this will be your Lucky Year!

Here’s a conglomeration of Rules, Rituals, and Beliefs from around the world that are sure to ring in a “Lucky New Year” for someone!
  1. Eat 12 grapes at midnight. Each grape promises to bring you good luck during every month of the year.

  2. Wear yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve. It’s not really clear where this tradition came from, but yellow is supposed to attract positive energies for the New Year. I’ve also read that you have to wear them backwards and then turn them around at midnight for the New Year!

  3. Walk around the block with a suitcase in hand. By doing this, you supposedly increase your chances of travelling during the year.

  4. On New Year’s Eve, every door and window should be left open at midnight to let the old year out.

  5. If you eat fish on New Year’s Eve, you’ll swim through the New Year like a fish. You’ll be able to move smoothly and easily and go beyond obstacles without effort in the New Year.

  6. There should be money in your pocket at the stroke of midnight. If the New Year finds you with money in your pocket, you’ll not miss it in the year to come.

  7. Make lots of noise at the stroke of midnight. Evil spirits attempt to come into the brand new year at this time – horns and whistles chase them away.

  8. Dancing around a tree (especially outside) on New Year’s Eve ensures luck, love, and prosperity.

  9. Kissing your spouse or significant other at midnight ensures that you will remain intimate with that person. To not kiss means a cold relationship for the year.

  10. A woman shouldn’t speak until a man says "Happy New Year." This one might be hard for some!

  11. The first words you hear in the minutes of the New Year will set the precedence for the entire year.

  12. Eat Lentil Soup on New Year’s Day because lentils are thought to look like little coins and will bring you prosperity in the coming year.

  13. Eat pork on New Year’s Day too because while poultry scratches backwards and a cow stands still, a pig roots forward, therefore eating it will ensure that you’ll be moving forward.

  14. Never ever eat Chicken or Turkey on the first day of the year because those birds scratch in the dirt all day for their dinner, meaning you’re certain to bring poverty to your year ahead.

  15. No sweeping or dusting the first day of the year. The good luck could be swept out. If you have to sweep, you should sweep towards the center of the house and use a dust pan.

  16. Nothing goes out on New Year’s Day, absolutely nothing... not even the garbage! Don’t shake out your rug or even bring out the recyclables to the bin. The flip version of this rule is that nothing goes out until something new comes in.

  17. No money should be spent either (that would be something going out).

  18. A first-footer is the first person through the door after the stroke of midnight. This person should be a good-looking, dark-haired man. He has to knock and be let in – not use a key to enter. He would ideally be carrying a piece of coal (meaning the house will always be warm), bread (meaning the household will always have food), money (for obvious reasons), and greenery (for long life). The first-footer brings extra luck if he happens to come on a horse. Under no circumstances can First-footers have flat feet, be cross-eyed, or have a Unibrow (eyebrows that meet in the center). A first-footer also can’t have blond or red hair either, and a woman first-footer would be disastrous!

  19. Wear something new on January 1st... and bring even more luck by wearing something Red. You don’t have to buy an entire outfit… it’s enough to have just one new item. It promises more new clothing in the coming year.

  20. No crying on January 1st or you will be crying all year long.

  21. Do something you are good or successful at on New Year’s Day... especially if its work related. This will tell you how the rest of the New Year will go.

  22. Any baby born on New Year’s Day has good luck the rest of his/her life. The baby also brings good luck to the family.

  23. In Puerto Rico, children enjoy throwing pails of water out the window at midnight. Some believe that this rids their home of any evil spirits!

  24. Switzerland believes good luck comes from letting a drop of cream land on the floor New Years Day.

  25. In France people eat a stack of pancakes for luck and good health.

  26. Belgium farmers wish their animals a Happy New Year for blessings.

  27. Armenian women bake special breads for their family. The bread is kneaded with luck and good wishes pressed into the dough before it is baked.

  28. In Northern Portugal children go caroling from home to home and are given treats and coins. They sing old songs or "Janeiro's" which is said to bring good luck.

  29. Romanians have a tradition of listening to hear if the farm animals talk on New Year’s Day. If the animals talk it was considered bad luck, so they are relieved when they don’t hear any talking animals.

  30. In Bolivia families make beautiful little wood or straw dolls to hang outside their homes to bring good luck.

  31. In Denmark, it is a good sign to find your door heaped with a pile of broken dishes at New Years. Old dishes are saved year around to throw them at the homes where their friends live on New Year’s Eve. Many broken dishes were a symbol that you have many friends!

  32. The Dutch are eating donuts on New Year’s Day. They say donuts bring fortune because they have the shape of the ring, which symbolizes the full circle, the year’s cycle.

  33. In Greece, St. Basil fills the children's shoes with presents at midnight.

Whatever you decide to do... Have a Safe and Happy New year!

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