Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moooove over Milk!

Do you love milk but don’t drink it because whole milk isn’t good for your waistline and the reduced fat or skim varieties just don’t offer the taste that you love?

Well, move over milk, there’s something new in the house that tastes great and is heart healthy too! Smart Balance has a new line of Milk Products available with Omega 3’s, more calcium, protein and vitamin E, essential for supporting cardiovascular health, healthy brain function, and overall health maintenance. There are 4 varieties… Fat-Free, 1% Lowfat, 2% Lowfat and a Lactose-Free. I just tried their 1% Lowfat Milk this morning and couldn’t believe how wonderful the flavor was! It tastes just like a full fat milk and was just as rich and creamy in taste. My tastebuds were jumping for joy!!

Smart Balance is so sure you’ll love their delicious taste that they are offering a money back guarantee on all of their products, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out. You may soon be moving milk back into your diet!

Check out their website for more product information, coupons, and to sign up for their newsletter.