Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life as an Extreme G-Ma…. She’s definitely not your textbook Grandmother!!

As you were growing older and starting to inch your way to those milestone ages, did you ever wonder what you were going to be like when your first grandchild arrived? How were you going to be? Were you going to have enough energy and strength to keep up? What about your health? And Hmmm… was everyone going expect you to be staying home, wearing aprons while baking apple pies and pot roast, and sporting one of those little white-haired beehive do’s?

Well this is the 21st Century and it’s time for a “Wake Up Call”! I’m here to tell you that not all grandmothers are created equal anymore! I’m on a mission to redefine the image of the typical grandmother, now known as a G-Ma, and set the stage for the “Extreme G-Ma” Generation!”

So what’s an ”Extreme G-Ma” you ask and what’s so un-typical about her? She is the new Pre-Geriatric Diva! The middle-aged “hottie” that works out, rollerblades, rides bikes, is computer savvy, has a full time job, keeps up with her grandkids, (otherwise known as G-Kids) and still wear’s Victoria's Secret and String Bikini’s. It’s all about staying active, eating healthy, living longer and most of all having fun!! I’m not saying that extreme is everybody’s thing, but if I can inspire just a few of you… then my mission will have been accomplished!