Monday, November 10, 2008

The Heat is, well … Off!

As we welcome fall, gone are those hot humid days of summer, leaving you no excuse to get outside and well... smell the roses and take in some of that crisp fresh air! Do something that gets your blood flowing and your adrenaline running high. Pump up your cardio routine with a long bike ride on one of your favorite trails, or try to break your previous jogging milestone, or, if you’re not up for either of those, at least go out and do a little speed walking. For an added challenge, and a little one on one bonding with your G-Kids, try doing your run behind a jogging stroller, or take one for a ride in a Baby Cart attached to the back of your bike. I’m sure one of the older ones would love to challenge you to a little bike race! Go for it! You might just surprise yourself and win! Not only will they love spending time with you, but you’ll also benefit your workout with that extra little push. You owe it to yourself to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. The heat may be off, but being the super G-Ma that you are, you’ll soon be looking Hot, Hot, Hot!!

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